Prequel Those summer nights


"Aw, come on."


"I promise he won't say no."

"Well, I am saying no."

"But why? And don't try to tell me you don't think he's hot. Because I've seen you looking at him when you think nobody is watching."

"What? Are you watching me all day? That's .... understandable, but creepy."

"And you're deflecting. Come on, Reid. You can at least talk to him." Gretchen urged.

"I talk to him all the time." Reid grumbled, his eyes flicking over to the tall figure in green scrubs over at the nurses station.

"No, you grumble and growl at him. And that's about work."

"What else would I talk to him about?" Reid played dumb.

Gretchen sighed. "Oh my god, you are so frustrating.Sometimes I don't know why I keep trying."

"Then don't." Reid suggested, glancing at the hot nurse again, following him with his eyes while he walked away, zeroing in on his ass and long legs.

"When you look at him like that?" Gretchen laughed. "I'm gonna keep trying."

"Good luck with that." Reid answered, walking away.

Gretchen crossed her arms and watched him stride through the hall. "Stubborn ass".

Reid could feel Gretchen's eyes boring into his skull when he walked away. He knew she meant well, but he just wasn't willing to give her the satisfaction of being right. Because the new nurse, Luke Snyder, was everything Reid wanted in a nurse and in a man.
He unlocked his office and left the door ajar. He sat down in his chair and started to work through his file.
A soft click made him look up into a pair of familiar brown eyes.

"Hey." Reid said as he leaned back into his chair. Nurse Snyder took this as an invitation and planted himself firmly on Reid's lap and pressed a kiss onto his lips.

"Hey yourself." He ran a hand through Reid's hair. "I saw you talking to Gretchen. Is she giving you a hard time again?"

Reid laughed. "She is certain I have a thing for you and that I should ask you out." He leaned in and kissed Luke again. "She may be on to something." He whispered against Luke's lips.

"You think we should tell her?" Luke asked.

"Nah. She'll figure it out soon enough." Reid grabbed Luke by his hips, intending to push him off but ending up pulling him closer instead. "Still not sorry you transferred here?"

Luke locked his arms around Reid's neck and pulled Reid into a open mouthed kiss which left them both breathing heavily.

"When I get to spend so much time with you like this? Never."


Those summer nights chapter 5

Hours later, Luke walked home, his mind replaying the night over and over. He felt a little giddy and couldn't stop smiling. When he came here to the beach, for the 4th year in a row, he never would have thought that he would meet someone like Reid. That he would end up having a summer fling with someone like him.
Luke still had trouble believing he was having casual sex in the first place! This wasn't like him at all, but there was something about Reid that made Luke not care about his self-inflicted abstinence. He was 24 years old and it was about time he started to really live his life instead of just letting it pass by. He was really going to get some this summer!
He certainly didn't get it during his time with Noah, who wasn't really interested in sex. Sure, they'd tried some things, Luke was no virgin and it had been great at times because Luke had loved Noah, but his body certainly didn't react to Noah's touch as it did to Reid's.
Because when Luke had kissed Reid for the first time, he felt it all over his body. He'd felt dizzy and his body tingled. And all he was able to say when the kiss ended was 'wow'.
True, he didn't have many experiences to compare it to, he'd only kissed a few people, but this was the stuff you read about in silly romance novels. Kissing Noah certainly hadn't felt like this;he could do it for hours and hours and still want more.
Problem was, Noah hadn't been very physical. No matter how Luke was sometimes craving a kiss, a touch, anything really, Noah wouldn't or maybe couldn't give him what he needed. That led to many arguments with accusations flying back and forth and ultimately was one of main reasons that made Luke break up with him. He needed other things than Noah did.
For a long time Luke had thought he was the freaky one, that's his needs were abnormal. Even Noah had told him he was obsessed with sex and that it wasn't healthy.
He'd read a lot about the subject since then and slowly he came to realise that he wasn't weird or wrong for wanting to be close to his boyfriend. That physical intimacy was just as important as the spiritual and intellectual aspect in a relationship.
And yet, here he was, being physical with someone even though he didn't know well and didn't have any other feelings for at this point. Yes, he liked Reid, found him attractive and easy to talk to, but he didn't really know much about him. But he made Luke feel at ease and comfortable. He felt like he could be himself and didn't have to pretend to be something or someone he wasn't. He liked that Reid was so open about what he wanted and that right now, he wanted Luke. It was flattering to be wanted by someone like Reid and it made Luke feel mature, like a man instead of a boy.

Luke smiled when he thought about Reid and how he was all over Luke, touching him everywhere with experienced and knowing hands, telling him how hot Reid thought he was.
Maybe this was just what Luke needed to get back out there, to build his confidence back up. Reid had no trouble complimenting Luke on every part of his body and it made Luke feel really good.
He was still smiling when he reached the apartment he stayed in with another lifeguard, Casey, who also was his friend. They'd know each other since they were little kids and had been friends ever since.
Casey lay sprawled on the couch, watching tv with a concentrated look in his face. "Hey man." He looked at Luke briefly, before turning his attention back to the screen.
"Hey Case." Luke answered, grabbing a coke from the fridge and plopped down next to Casey, after pushing his feet off the couch onto the ground.

"You're up late." He looked at Casey who's eyes were still glued to the screen.

"Couldn't sleep. So I thought maybe watching tv would tire me out."

"Did it work?" Luke asked, his eyebrows raised.

"Obviously it didn't." Casey gestured to himself. "Because I can't stop watching this."

Luke laughed. "What are you watching?"

Casey shrugged. "I don't know what it's called, but it's about people who try to live as cheap as possible. It's really fascinating."

"Picking up some useful tips?" Luke teased. "I didn't think you'd need it."

"You never know, Lukey, you never know." Casey replied with a sigh. Then he turned his attention from the tv to Luke.

"So, how was your evening?" He waggled his eyebrows. "How did it go with your man?"

"Shut up, he's not my man." Luke shoved Casey against his arm. "But it was really nice. We talked and we just connected."

"You just... connected." Casey repeated.

"Yes, connected." The tips of Luke's ears turned red. "I mean, we.. uhm... kind of had sex."

"What?" Casey slapped Luke on his arm. "Really? Good for you, dude! It was about time for you to get out there."

Luke laughed. "I know, that's exactly what I thought. We already kind of had sex yesterday and I totally freaked out today, because you know me... But tonight we talked and some other stuff happened. And it was amazing". Luke's whole ears were red now and the blush threatened to go down his neck.

"Okay, okay... I don't want any details, God.. " Casey said, holding his hands up.
But then he grinned and clasped Luke on his shoulder.

"But really, I'm glad you go out now and have fun. Lord knows you deserve it after the clusterfuck with Noah."

"It wasn't that bad, Case, come on." Luke said frowning.

Casey raised his eyebrows, as if to say really?, to which Luke huffed out a laugh.

"Okay, yeah, it kind of was."

"Yes, it was and the whole 'him living with your mother thing' is still fucked up. And I know it gets to you. So I'm happy for you. Are you going to see him again?"

"Yeah, we'll see each other at the beach of course, but we kind of agreed to spend the summer together, for as long as he's here."

Casey nodded. "Nice!"

"You don't think it's weird?" Luke asked, picking at his jeans.

Casey shrugged. "It kind of is, because it's you and you never do anything like this. But I like that you're doing it, man. You should live a little. Life is short, you know."

Luke sighed. "Yeah, I know." Then he squeezed Casey's knee. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Now shut up so I can watch how to make coffee using an old sock."


Over the next days, Luke worked his shifts on the beach during the day, being stared at by Reid. During lunchtime, sometimes they actually had lunch together, sometimes they went inside to get each other off and sometimes they just talked. Reid found himself looking forward to that time of day, taking a break from his research, watching Luke walk up to the house, a smile of his beautiful face.
He found Luke incredibly sexy and he couldn't wrap his head around the fact that Luke was completely oblivious about it. His ex-boyfriend clearly did a number on his self esteem. But apart from being sexy, Reid also found out that Luke was smart and sometimes funny and sarcastic. He could hold his own in a discussion and make Reid see another point of view. He was passionate about his work, his family even though there was also a lot of drama there. Luke’s relationship with his mother was.... strained, to say the least.
But he was fiercely protective of his siblings, which Reid found admirable but could not relate to, being an only child.

Thinking about all this while lounging outside watching Luke do his lifeguard-thing, whatever that was, Reid suddenly realised that he knew a lot about Luke. And it didn't bother him at all to know these things about him. Luke liked to talk, like many other people and could go on and on, but what was truly exceptional was that Reid liked to watch Luke talk, gesturing with his hands, his face expressing every emotion he felt and so expressing even more sometimes than his words. On top of this, he heard what Luke was saying, he sparred and argued with him. And Luke seemed to like it to. He launched himself into discussions passionately, disagreeing with Reid many things. Often he would get into Reid's space, his eyes sparkling because it was fun. And it always ended in a hot makeout session which made Reid's belly tingle just thinking about it.
They hadn't done 'it' yet, but Reid was certain that was happening any time soon. But in the meantime, he thoroughly enjoyed teaching Luke the many ways two men could enjoy each other.
The ringing of his phone made Reid reach into his pocket and bring it to his ear without even looking at the screen.

"Dr. Oliver."

"Reid? Hey, it's Terry."

"Terry? Why are you calling me?" Reid asked, his eyes still trained on Luke. "Something wrong?"

Reid heard Terry sigh at the other side of the line. "No, you doofus. I just wanted to see how you were doing."

"Why?" Reid asked confused.

"Why? Because I want to know, that’s why." Terry confirmed. "So, tell me, are you having fun in my house?"

Reid's mind went back to all the fun he had with Luke on several surfaces in Terry's house and he smirked.

"Sure, lots of fun." He admitted easily.

"Ha ha. Very funny. Now, tell how you really are." Terry answered, not believing a word.

"Terry, I'm not lying. I am having a good time here."

"Wait, you're.. serious?" Terry asked, apparently in shock.

"Yes, I'm serious. Why wouldn't I like it there?" Reid shrugged even though Terry could not see him.

"Well, I don't know Reid, maybe because you said and I quote 'I'll go, but I won't like it. And a month is three and a half weeks too long'? Now you've been away for a little over two weeks and you're telling me you're enjoying yourself? What happened?"

"Nothing happened. There are a lot of things for me to do here. Like Luke. And I'll admit it, the view of the beach and the ocean is pretty great. I like it."

"What kind of things do you do, Reid? Just out of curiosity." Terry inquired.

"I do research, Terry. But I sit outside when I do it and occasionally admire the view." He didn't lie, but it was definitely stretching the truth.

But Terry wasn't easily fooled. "I know you don't care for nature, so I'm gonna assume you're talking about the eye candy on the beach."

Reid smiled ot himself. "Maybe."

Terry groaned. "Please Reid, don't invite random strangers into my house for you-know-what."

Reid reacted annoyed. "What? Why not? You're the one who told me to enjoy myself here. And that's what I enjoy. Who cares?"

"Reid please, I don't care who or how many you," Terry cleared her throat, "...uhm… meet, but please, don't turn my house into a brothel."

"Are you calling me a whore?" He asked highly amused with the turn the conversation had taken.

"No?" Terry said, a little unsure.

Ried laughed. "Relax, I wouldn't do anything like that. So far, it's just one guy." As soon as the words left his mouth, Reid slapped his hands over his eyes. Why?? Why would you tell her that?

After a few moments of silence, Terry spoke again, excitement evident in her voice. "My God, you went out and met someone? The sea air really must do you good."

"Technically, he came up to me, but yes, I've met someone and have been spending some time with him." Reid admitted.

"What?? Tell me more, what's his name, what does he look like, what does he do?" Terry rambled.

"Ha, no. Not gonna happen. I'm not telling you anything more."

"Why not?" Terry almost whined. "Come on, you've got to give me something."

"No, I don't. Besides, it doesn't matter. In about 10 days I'm going home and that will be the end of it."

"But, Reid... " Terry started.

"No, I shouldn't have told you anything. Now, go back to work and make sure the hospital will still be there when I get back."

He could vaguely hear Terry protesting, but he pressed 'end call' anyway and threw the phone next to him on the couch.

10 days... he was going home in 10 days. It should make him happy and it did, but it also made him uncomfortable and something heavy settled in his chest.
His eyes sought out Luke again on the beach and didn't dare to think about why just seeing him made him feel a little lighter.

Those summer nights chapter 2

Thinking of Luke as a nurse didn't just turn Reid on. It also made him think about the hospital, about his job, his co-workers and his patients. It made him restless and he felt trapped inside the house no matter how beautiful it was. Of course, he didn't have to stay inside, but for him there was little appeal in taking the same walk over and over again.
He tried to fill his days with reading, books and medical journals alike, watching some television and looking out over the beach, enjoying the view with a beer.
But as fine as the view was, Reid felt a little creepy for watching the same people everyday. He didn't think they'd really notice, but he never felt quite comfortable.
Reid decided to get head start on the research he had planned to do when he returned. He got his laptop, went outside and created a workspace for himself using the couch and coffee table. Soon he was completely engrossed in the material.

"You're not working, are you? On your vacation?" Reid's head shot up, he hadn't heard anyone approaching. Luke.
Luke who he'd thought about more than he was willing to admit. Luke, who he wanted to fuck into the mattress from the moment he saw him, but who also made something unfamiliar stir in Reid's chest when he looked at him even though he firmly stomped that down. Luke, who made Reid's gaydar ping off the charts and who he was pretty sure about that he was at least attracted to Reid.

Reid sat up and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm going stir crazy doing nothing, so yes, I am working."

Luke put his hands in the pockets of his short and leaned forward a bit. "And what are you working on?" He asked, curiosity obvious in his voice.
"Research." Reid answered, knowing very well that this meant absolutely nothing.

"That doesn't tell me anything." Luke laughed. "Research on what?"

"Cerebral vasospasm." Reid said with a face that gave away nothing.

Luke's laugh disappeared from his face and a frown appeared instead.

"Cerebral vasospasm?" He repeated.

"Yes. You're a nurse right? You know what that is." Reid said.

Luke nodded. "Yes, I know what it is. But why do you know what that is? Are you a doctor?"

"Neurosurgeon actually." Reid leaned back into the cushions, waiting for Luke's reaction.

"Really? You're a neurosurgeon?" Luke eyes went wide and he sunk down on the chair across from Reid.

"Yes, I am. One of the best, if not the best in the country." Reid didn't know if he should feel flattered or insulted by Luke's surprise. "Why are you so suprised?"

Luke's cheeks turned pink and he didn't meet Reid's eyes. "I'm not surprised!" He denied. "I just didn't know." He slowly lifted his eyes to meet Reid's. "So, the best in the country, huh?"

Reid crossed his arms. "Yes." He agreed.

"How old are you then? Because you don't seem old enough for the kind of experience you need to get to the top of the field."

"How old do think I am?" Reid smirked. He knew he looked younger than he actually was, especially without his doctor's coat, but he was curious to hear what Luke came up with.

But Luke wasn't playing along. "I am not guessing your age, man. I'm terrible at that. I could just as easily flatter or insult you."

"Fine. I'm 35." He really didn't care if people knew his age. "What about you?"

Luke lifted his arms and linked his fingers together behind his neck, resting them there. He looked at Reid with a glint in his eyes.

"What do you think?"

A quick calculation of Luke's years in school and taking in his appearance , gave Reid the confidence to give Luke a straightforward answer.


Luke's mouth dropped open first, then it closed again, his lips forming a pout. "Most people think I'm younger than that." But he looked at Reid through his eyelashes and smiled.

Reid laughed. "Sorry. You're not offended are you?"

Luke shook his head. "No, of course not. I'm still a lot younger than you." He grinned.
And with a quick look over his shoulder, he stood up. "Listen, I've got to go."

Reid nodded, trying not to feel disappointed. "Okay."

Luke hesitated, turning around and then back to Reid again. "You should come to the beach sometime. Go for a swim?"

Reid had absolutely no plans to do such a thing, but when he looked up at Luke, standing there, with the sun behind him, looking absolutely beautiful, for some reason he found himself saying, "Maybe I will."

Luke grinned. "Alright, I'll see you there then." With that he quickly walked away to join his friends at the tower. He looked back once to find Reid still watching and waved.
Reid didn't wave back, he felt a little embarrassed that he'd been found out watching, so he just lifted his chin a little in acknowledgement and then turned back to his laptop.

A few hours later, Reid decided it was time for a break. But just as he was standing up and head inside to fix himself something to eat, screaming voices coming the beach, making him stop in his tracks and search for where they came from.
He spotted a few surfers in the water, waving and screaming. When he looked closer, he saw a man in the water holding up another man who was clearly unconscious and bleeding from his head. When he saw Luke and another lifeguard sprint towards the water, he didn't even think before his feet were moving too and he was running towards the lifeguards who were now carrying the man out of the water and laying him down onto the sand.
The man was still bleeding from the wound on the side his head and from another cut on his stomach. When he reached them, Luke was already on his knees, examining the wounds.
Reid dropped to his knees on the other side of the man.

"What happened?" He asked Luke.

Luke looked up, startled by Reid's presence or his question, or possible both, but he answered quickly and to the point.

"He got hit by another surfboard, first on the head, then his stomach got cut, probably by one of the fins."

"Okay. You take the stomach, I'll take the head." Reid instructed. Luke didn't want to lose any time by questioning Reid's presence or orders, but did as Reid told him to do.
They both worked quickly and thoroughly, using whatever was available to patch the man up as best as they could. He wasn't in immediate danger, but a blow to the head could injure the brain in ways that were not immediately visible.
Reid’s hands became sandy very quickly and he cursed under his breath. "Fucking sand is everywhere."

Luke didn't even look up, but kept working on the man. "It's the beach, what did you expect?"

Just as their victim was regaining consciousness, the ambulance, notified by the other lifeguard, turned onto the beach.
Together with the ambulance crew they quickly transfered the man into the ambulance, while Reid updated them on the man’s condition. The paramedic assured Reid for the third time it wasn't necessary that he ride with them and finally Reid accepted it and stepped back, hands on his hips.
He felt Luke coming to stand beside him and they watched the ambulance drive away.
"Thanks." Luke said, nudging him with his elbow. "We make a pretty good team." He smiled.
Reid looked at him and smirked. "Yes, we do. You take instructions very well."

Luke blushed, but also laughed. "You don't know the halfof it." He teased. Then he winked at Reid and started to walk away backwards, keeping eye contact with Reid.
Reid found himself smiling back and unable to resist the urge to follow Luke.

"Well, maybe you can tell me all about it over dinner sometime." He said.

Luke stopped walking abruptly. His eyes searched Reid's face as if he was looking for something.
"Are you... do you mean..." Luke hesitated, "like a date?"

"Yes, exactly like a date." Reid nodded. "Say... Friday?"
Luke looked at Reid for a few moments, but then he grinned. "Okay then. Friday."
Reid held out his hand and waggled his fingers. "Give me your phone."
Luke patted his shorts, then held out his hands apologetically. "I don't have my phone here."
"Oh well, then here," Reid reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, "give me your number and I'll text you. Then you'll have mine. We can work out the details about Friday later."
Luke accepted Reid's phone and quickly punched in his number. He gave Reid back his phone and thumbed over his shoulder. "I should get back."
"Yeah, okay." Reid pocketed his phone again.
"I'll see you Friday then?"
"Yes, Friday."
"Okay." With one last smile, Luke turned and jogged back to the tower, giving Reid a good view of his moving body.

Reid walked back to the house, trying to brush the sand off of his fingers, but to no avail. He grumbled and decided to take a shower immediately. Then he needed to think about his date with Luke on Friday. He really wanted that tan, muscled body naked in his bed. So how was he going to achieve that?

When Friday rolled around, Reid still had no idea what he was going to do with Luke on their date that night.
Dinner? A romantic stroll along the beach? Problem was that Reid wasn't a romantic person at all, he could care less about moonlight or candles or cheesy music.

Through a few texts, Reid learned that Luke was very much up for dinner. Reid had suggested to have something decent delivered to his house and eat out on the deck. After all, he had a magnificent view on the ocean. And it was more likely that things would end up the way Reid wanted them to.
Usually when Reid had dates, his goal was to get them into bed, have amazing sex and, if they were really nice, maybe make 'em breakfast in the morning before sending them on their way. It rarely happened that he slept with the same person more than once. That would just lead to expectations Reid didn't want to fullfil. His job was his life and every now and then he wanted a warm body to lose himself into for a few hours.
Now Reid had no problem admitting to himself that he found Luke very attractive and that he hoped that maybe he could see Luke for the duration of his stay at the beach house. A few weeks of fun and then back to his life, where there was no room for anything else than his job.

During the day, Reid sat out on the deck, reading and researching . Every now and then, he looked out over the beach, trying to find Luke between the hordes of people on the beach.
He spotted him a few times, but because it was too crowded to really see anything, he turned his attention to his laptop and book.
Before he knew it, it was close to six o'clock and the sun was starting to go down. The beach was much less crowded now and he could see Luke talking to one of his colleagues.
Reid watched him talk, gesturing with his hand and smiling.
After a few minutes, Luke obviously said goodbye and he made his way up to the house.
Reid leaned back and waited for him to come up.

"Hey Reid." Luke smiled.

Reid nodded. "Luke."

"So, I'm going to go home and shower and change and all that and then I'll be back here at seven thirty or so?" Luke asked, making gestures towards the house and somewhere in the distance.

"Yeah, sure." Reid replied. And when Luke turned around smiling, Reid said with a wink, "I'll be waiting."